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Refinishing an Exterior Door

Whether preparing your home for selling or just keeping it in optimal condition, the front door at some point requires attention. Wood entry doors take a beating from rain, sun, and wind causing the finish to wear and discolor. Many times moisture gets under the finish causing the finish to lift, then the moisture damages […]

A Broken Bed and a Column in a Local Newspaper

Last month I had an in home appointment to look at a broken bed. The bed belongs to Fil Jessee who writes a column for the Braselton News Today. One evening Fil called and asked if he could interview me for his column. I agreed and so you can read about me and Kim’s Wood […]

How to Repair Furniture

There are many ways to repair furniture. It’s likely that there are as many ways as there are people doing it. There are however only a few ways to do it well. For example, a chair that has loose joints. If the joints are tight (not sloppy loose), then a repair can be as simple […]

Easy Answer

With furniture refinishing sometimes there are things that are badly broken; things that are affected by time and the elements, and then there situations that defy reason and make a difficult job really, really difficult. A large government entity once contracted KWS to refinish their wooden benches. These benches were about 14 feet long, and […]

The Hidden Drawer

On another occasion I was asked to refinish a cedar chest. It was not a great piece of furniture and needed a lot of work. In the process of repairing the underside, I found a hidden drawer. In the drawer was an old corn cob doll, some trinkets, and a wedding ring. My wife put […]

Hidden antique found through refinishing

Occasionally there is a surprise when repairing or refinishing a piece of furniture. I once refinished a piece of furniture that was in a fire and needed to be refinished. The smoke had permeated the inside of the cabinet and darkened the outside. In order to rid the inside of smoke I had to take […]

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